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We're always looking for vintage boards to bring to you for your collection, for riding, or just for a wall hanger that's going to bring your den together.


This Dewey Weber is a early pre Performer with the hatchet Fin glassed in making it about a 1964-65. It has a very unusual label that was normally used by Dewey Weber himself when he sent boards to different surf shops where he would give personal demonstrations. The cut out Weber labels in the circle pattern would let Dewey know which board he had sent for himself. So it is more than likely that Dewey Weber actually surfed this board.

Dewey Weber - $1400


This Blaker is one of the typical Max Blaker shaped boards from about 1965. He seemed to favor that particuliar color blue (Bahama Blue) and used it on a lot of his boards.

Blaker - $1000

Bingo Surfboard - $450 (sold)

1969 Dewey Weber - SKI
7'2" $1000

In the late 60's, the Australian surf teams began outperforming the Americans and worldwide surf competions. Dewey Weber saw this trend and attributed it to surfboard design. He hired some Aussie shapers and began experimenting with design and shape under the label "SKI". This board is one of those experiments. The adjustable fin design on this board is also Weber's.



Hollow Surf Boards:

In 1964, surfers wanted lighter, easier to maneuver Surfboards. Three companies, Almost simultaneously, decided to attempt a hollow surfboard. Diwain, Lindsey, and Kook Box all briefly, and to very little success, made their versions of the hollow board.

The Lindsey and the Kook box variety are VERY similar in build leading us to believe that someone was stealing ideas!


1964 Lindsey
9' 5" - $1,100

This lindsey is Serial #11 of about 100 ever made. it has a small metal screw near the nose which is a drain plug.


1964 Kook Box

This company, kook box, took their name from the nickname of 1930's handmade hollow boards. The very old "kook box's" were made of wood and had to be assembled by the owner with epoxie glue and fiberglass.


1964 Diwaine Soft Top
9' - $850

This beginner board was made with 2 pieces of vulcanized rubber with rubber bumpers on the sides to mold them together. Very few of these boards were made.


pop-out Boards:

Pop-Outs are boards that were made as an inexpensive alternative to a custom shaped board. Most Sold for about $100 new from retailers like Sears and Oshman's.

Pop-Outs are made by injecting foam into a mold and therefore don't have a wood stringer. They get their nickname from the popping sound they made when being extracted from the mold. Because they had no stringer, they were more likely to snap in two under pressure.

Ironically, these boards that were meant to be an inexpensive substitute for the "Real Thing", have become quite valuable and very collectable. This is, in part, because so many were broken that they have become more rare



Phil brand boards were used in old surfing movies like 'Giget'

The Phil 1963 was made buy the Phil Sauers of Downey, California and his boards where featured in many early beach movies including Gigit and the Beach Blanket series. It is a Pop out but there where hand shaped Phils as well.

Phil - $600





1964 Crest
9' 5" --- $800


This Board was a pop-out brand sold at Oshman's Department Stores.

More Vintage SurfBoards:




1965 Blaker
9' 5" - $650

This is a houston native. Blaker was one of the premier surfers and shapers in the houston - galveston area. This board has a "reverse fin". Some say the reverse is better for nose riding.


This 1967 Hobie Stepdeck was a custom order with offset stringers. It is very rare to see a Hobie Stepdeck that is not a signiture model with either Gary Propper, Joyce Hoffman or Corky Carroll's name on it as they where the sponsored Hobbie team riders and Phil Edwards or Corky Carroll shaped many of those boards. This board is in the shape of a Corky Carroll model so it was probably shaped by Corky probably shaped is as a custom order that didin't want the signature label.

Classic Hobie Stepdeck - $1200

- SOLD -